Being an independent artist comes with lots of advantages -- more control over your properties, more authenticity in your work, and a more loyal fanbase to name a few. But being indie also means you don't get the benefit of advertising firms and corporate sponsorship. Marketing is hard enough between all the other things you have to do. Tack cost on top of that and promoting your work can feel almost impossible.

Good thing I've got your back.

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My podcast, RONIN UNCENSORED, is an ambitious project! I've made it my mission to sit down and talk with... well, everybody! You'll find a wide variety on the show: artists and creatives, specialists, and social commentators definitely make their appearances. But you'll also find ordinary people doing exceptional things: bee intelligence specialists, addicts in recovery, disaster preparedness experts, medical professionals, Olympic athletes, abuse survivors, and more.


Not only does the wide range of guests make the show compelling, but highly marketable!

The audience is huge and varied! I get listeners from all over the world. Purchasing an ad slot on one of my episodes gets your product in the ears of thousands as they lounge, commute, and listen from work!


Ronin Radio is designed with the independent artist in mind. Here in the Internet Age, we have the means to reach platforms we never could've dreamed about just a few decades ago. This station, running 24/7 and broadcasting all over the world, aims to take full advantage of today's tech by featuring indie artists of all kinds.

The morning music block is a sweet blend of indie music, each track volunteered by up-and-coming artists!

Other segments include news, poetry and prose readings, comedy, and more delivered from independent creators everywhere. It's totally free to listen and it's a hit among crowds hungry for non-commercial content. The station hits around 240 listeners a day!

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Fairness, equity, and humor are the staples of my Twitter account. Over 12K followers interact with me here daily, where I regularly share news articles, speak on politics, make silly observations about daily life, and promote the things I love!

I've often received the compliment that my Twitter is one of the only places in the twittosphere offering a balanced worldview. I support causes that I believe are important, for sure. But chief among them: that we all strive to respect one another and work to be broader people.

A note about my Twitter: it is rife with NSFW language. It's part of my brand. Please keep that in mind if you want to advertise there!



If my social is a place to share all my public opinions, then my blog is the place to share all my private ones. My blog hosts hundreds of visitors a day, all of whom come to see my honest and raw thoughts on deeply personal topics.

I've been told that my blog is where people go when they need a swift kick to the gut. I've also been told it's made people cringe. I can't say that it's a place for everyone. The views and opinions expressed here are my own, they're unfiltered, and the posts are designed to be thought-provoking but uncomfortable.

That said, I welcome content of the same variety from guest posters. And I definitely shout out the good stuff now and then!


Discord has become an awesome way to connect with my fans and friends. Not only do I get to keep everyone informed of my goings on in this controlled, friendly space, but I also get to learn what everyone else is up to. I'm online every day, talking with people about all manner of things.. It's also where I host my podcast and stream my radio station.

My Discord is a highly personal space -- probably even more so than my blog. But while my blog is meant to make people uncomfortable, my Discord is designed to do the opposite. It's a chill space for people to come, hang out, and express themselves without fear of judgment. 

Advertise on the Discord to reach my most in-tune followers immediately and maybe stick around to show them who you are!



If you want the most bang for your buck, go with one of my advertising packages. They're much cheaper than buying individual ads and, as a package, have a tendency to do better (because they often have a consistency in message, style, and have more reach). Don't worry about analysis paralysis. There are only two options -- Basic and Premium -- and both are super affordable!

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the Ronin Artistic Scholarship.

I donate money to artists. Simple as that.

Twice a year, a portion of my monthly Patreon and Ko-Fi donations goes directly to a musician, author, comedian, artist, or musician who I believe is putting light into the world. The money can be used for whatever purpose the artist sees fit. The point is to encourage and support people's dreams, and in doing so, perhaps help amplify the voices that are changing our world for the better.


Apply to receive the scholarship by clicking the button below and filling out the application.*

* Please note that filling out the application does not guarantee you the scholarship.