DHAIIGO (4).jpg

art by Jan Weßbecher



Hated by his family, feared by his clan, and transformed by his alchemical addictions, Obuu Dhaiigo yearns for inner peace. He's spent his whole life fighting on the bloody battlefields of his homeland, stumbling from one war to the next, collecting scars both physical and mental.

When his father, the Obuu clanlord, dies, Dhaiigo sees an opportunity to run away with his lover and finally break free of the violence that has made a monster of him. But his idyllic new life doesn't last long.

A dangerous warlord rises to power in the East and threatens to destroy the only peace Dhaiigo has ever known. To make matters worse, the warlord is holding Dhaiigo's brother hostage. Reluctantly, Dhaiigo must take up the very role he's run from his whole life: clanlord. He must lead his people, rescue his brother, and save his homeland.

And he's gotta do it all before his addictions kill him.

16 October 2020