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Anchorpete is a writer and YouTube content creator. On his show, Anchor’s Points, he reviews novels, comic books, movies and TV shows. He also interviews up and coming authors.


Besides Anchor’s Points, his channel has another show, The Lasser Cast, named after the Lasser Glass mirror in the 2014 movie Oculus. Pete and his co hosts named their show The Lasser Cast, because they each share a love of the horror films of Mike Flanagan.


Originally from New York, Anchorpete now lives in a suburb of Austin, TX, with his wife and two daughters. Though he has started up many novels, he has yet to finish a first draft. The novels that Pete has begun and the comic scripts he has written have been based in a shared universe that he created. Pete often runs or is a player in roleplaying games that take place in this shared universe.



Two writer friends chat about the craft of writing, editing, and books.



Looking for vlogs on the Saga of the Five Kingdoms? Look no further!!! Here you'll find videos detailing updates to the fantasy series written by independent author Garrett K. Jones, video interviews with indie authors, writing tips, and discussions about creative inspiration.

Lasser Cast full logo bruno.PNG


Anchorpete, Danny, and Crhis discuss horror films, with an emphases on the films of Mike Flanagan! If you're a fan of creepy movies and great podcasts, make sure you check this one out!

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Made In Romance is a show dedicated to the romance genre in the book world. Co-hosts Sarah and Sab are two British authors who love tea and are here to talk about books, romance and happy ever afters. Guests are regularly featured including authors and readers.





Upcoming artist from Nairobi, KE. Getting better every day.






The summer of 2017 four musicians, two Spanish and two English, united through the international language of music and forned a band. They had three objectives, one to make music that consisted of a thumping blend of slick rhythms and epic hooks. Two, to bring Pop Rock live action energy to their groove and three, to write lyrics that told stories of hope and overcoming life's challenges.


Sweet talking time is the personification of that sound. Recorded with Producer, Iker Arranz, Madrid, Spain and released 2020.

Danny Coda Press Photo 1.jpg


Danny Coda (born Daniel Jacobs) began writing and performing music at the age of
14 in Sacramento, CA where he was often forced to wait outside of local venues for
being underage. After relocating to the Pacific Northwest he began performing with
the garage rock outfit The Skyline, garnering a modest following and winning the
2012 Thirsty Lion PDX Singer/Songwriter Showcase.

Coda first received industry attention with his Portland band turned Los Angeles
studio project AM Exchange with the likes of Baeble Music hailing him as “a pop
rock vocal savior”. After multiple releases, extensive touring and commercial radio
play among the likes of Pearl Jam and The Black Keys, Coda signed with indie music
licensing company North Note in 2016. Coda eventually disbanded the project and
returned to Portland, OR in 2019.



Kara Lu, also known as Father Koi, is a musician from Queens, NY who writes music in the indie/alternative genre. Her first debut album, "Late Afternoon National Anthem" is a project spanning the past four years, and as a result the project is made up of many influences, including aspects of the Beatles, Mitski, Fiona Apple, Radiohead, and Vampire Weekend. The album was produced almost entirely by her, with "Halloween Dancer" being the only exception, which was put together with the help of her college band. She looks forward to creating more music in the future, with a single set to be released at the end of the summer.



Fragile Dream is an unsigned alternative rock band from Tavastia Proper, Finland. The Forssa based band is continuation of the long musical partnership of singer/songwriter/guitarist Hewey and guitarist/primus motor Janne. Fragile Dream draws their musical influences from various 70’s and 80’s post-punk, new wave and stadium rock bands, ‘updating’ the sound of that era to the modern day.

Founded in 2012, the band was at first just a ‘cyberspace’ project of Hewey and Janne. After a couple of home studio demos, however, the duo began to look for band mates in order to get playing live again. During the spring and summer 2012, bassist Tuomo and keyboard player Mikko joined the band. After going through a few candidates, the band recruited Timo as their drummer in autumn 2013. The line-up was completed in 2014 when Soila joined in as vocalist/percussionist. Timo and the band parted ways in early 2017 and the band recruited Jukka as their new drummer.

Fragile Dream released their first official CD and digital single “When the Lights Come on Again” in 2016. That release was followed by three more singles in 2018. In the spring 2020 the band released their first full length album “Dance While the World Is Burning” with three singles to promote it.



I am Malcolm. I am a published author of 'The Unspoken: An Anthology from the Ballad of the Mind'. I draw and from time to time, do graphic art and beats.











Kittenhead is a 4-piece rock n’ roll band born in May 2012 in Los Angeles, with members currently based in both Southern and Northern California. After a summer of kick-off songwriting, Kittenhead played its first live shows that year with a headlining slot at the Comet in Seattle. With its infectious riffs, thought-provoking lyrics and nearly-legendary live shows, Kittenhead is the epitome of the word “diversity”, with its members spanning the complete gamut of gender, sexuality, age and size!

Kittenhead just re-released their single "Tinman", accompanied with a video, entitled "Tinman 2020". Check it out on their YouTube page today!

Loh Balli Soundcloud Avatar.png


Loh Balli is a music composer and producer from Katy, Texas who loves getting those music fragments bouncing around in her head into real songs.  


Spotify: Twitter: Facebook: Soundcloud:

Loh Balli:



Singer/songwriter/song stylist Raspin Stuwart’s life and career can best be described as a Tale of Two Cities – Chicago and Los Angeles, that is! However, these two cities are just starting points for a performer with truly universal appeal.  Raspin’s emotional vocals, striking lyrics impact brightly on the listener, a stark contrast to his hypnotic melodic background. As evidenced on his new CD, NY2LA, his eclectic mix of theatrical, captivating and soulful music provides the perfect follow-up to his critically acclaimed, Starbucks-endorsed CD, We Do What We Do.

Keeping Raspin in demand after long ago establishing himself in the music world is the fact that he remains the newest and freshest “veteran” musician, singer, songwriter and song stylist working today. His appearances at NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) in recent years, as well as his inclusion in the stellar lineup for Southern California’s Make Music Pasadena concert at Levitt Pavilion Pasadena, underscore his continued relevance in these unpredictable times, are the latest high points



Sapphira Vee is half human, half machine. The machines provide automation which allow her human hands and imagination to create, perform and record this music.  Aside from her solo releases, Sapphira is involved in several collaborations and side projects, such as Collapse of Dawn with Upon Eventual Collapse and Venus McVee and Notorious Erich Von P with her long time collaborator Melodywhore, with whom she also hosts a weekly radio show on Radio Dark Tunnel.  She can be found on releases by several other artists including Dogtablet and Melodywhore and has had the pleasure of doing remixes for them, as well as Dead Agent, SpankTheNun, Dark Smoke Signal and many others.  She has also been remixed by many of her collaborators along with a variety of other artists including The Joy Thieves and Fused.

Wav-Legion- Press Picture.jpg


Wav-Legion is a collaborative fusion music project created by Canadian ProducerMusician/Singer/Songwriter wav-Dr. & California Musician/Singer-Songwriter Bonnie Legion.  Unique sound comes from constantly pushing the  boundaries.




Amber Benbow grew up in Columbia Heights, Minnesota. She developed a passion for writing early on in her life (even writing stories in her spare time in high school). She holds a BA in English with a Sustainability minor from the University of Minnesota. She is currently pursuing an MA in Geographic Information Science from the same University.

At this time, you can find her plugging away at the keyboard periodically while the husband is at work and the toddler is amusing himself. She lives in Bloomington, Minnesota.

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Amber Scott is a Canadian who is a librarian by day and a writer by night. She works in an elementary school library which is awesome to be able to work with children and promote literacy. She loves doing art, specializing in inks and pencil crayons. When she isn’t playing with dogs and/or horses, she’s writing! Amber writes a LOT. Fanfiction, sci fi, romance, fantasy and one certain sexy shapeshifter all inhabit her pages. Currently, her upcoming debut novel is His Heart’s Song, a fantasy romance and will be released in October.

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No information has been provided by this author.



Denise M. Jones, St. Louis Native, is a part time people watcher who pretends a lot. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. She's written several novels that are all serving time in a witness protection program. She secretly hopes these novels find a way out. In the meantime she'll pretend she's included something informative and clever in this bio. Don't be like Denise.



After seven years of teaching Matt decided to pursue his own writing career and entered the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program at Regis University where he wrote his premier novel Irish Town. “I wanted to write a book that everyone would enjoy with engaging and relatable characters. Mostly, I wanted my readers to have fun.”

He is currently working on two additional writing projects as well as developing his consulting business Marsmen Inc.



Minerrale is a French writer and artist currently residing in Bruxelles, Belgium. No cats, no dogs, no husbands, she has all the time in the world to write, art, and help others in their creative endeavours. Her main focus at this time are bedtime stories aimed at disabled children, and short stories to help their parents relax. You can find it all on Patreon, and her on Twitter @minerrale.



Nav the Poet has been writing and performing since 2011. He discovered his passion for poetry in college and since then has decided to turn it into his profession. He uses his art to engage with audiences and address relevant issues in our lives. Nav aims to break barriers, build bridges, and connect us all together so that we may create a better world.



At one point, under the pressure of societal norms, Philip Greenall attempted to grow up, but promptly found it distasteful. Since then, any maturity shown has been merely a carefully constructed pretense.

So socially awkward that he doesn't even want to be buried next to strangers, he can often be found hiding behind a pint of beer.
In this, his third book of verse and prose, Philip continues in vain to exorcise his demons, something which he readily admits is almost comically naïve.



I am a college junior attending Trinity Christian College who writes some stories that I think are pretty dope. When not crafting my own, I consume stories in whatever form they take.



S. R. Jenkins is a writer residing in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee with her husband, daughter, and four cats. She is the creator of the soon to be released podcast River Valley Confidential, a featured guest star on Season 2 of Leumas Llewtnac’s The Writer’s Wardrobe, and a member of Theatre of the Great Puppeteer. You can find her on twitter @therosebride.

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Will Schmit is a Midwestern poet transplanted to Northern California. He has been reading, and writing poetry, in between bouts of learning to play the saxophone, for nearly forty years. His most recent work, Head Kines: Poems & Provocations is available at